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  • Speech Writers – Better motivate, captivate, and inspire your audience.

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    Craft your language for maximum emotional appeal to juries, examiners, or the public. Control the emotional flow of opening arguments, questions for witnesses, and PR statements.

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    Increase your clients' sales by evoking feelings of confidence in your customers. Instant results – no more waiting for focus groups or expert studies.

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    Track the emotional impact of comments from the most important and influential Twitter users. Monitor social asset sentiment in real-time.

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What effect are your words having?

Why select EffectCheck?

The emotions you evoke can have powerful effects on your audience. The wrong word choice can turn your audience against you, without your intent or awareness. The right word choice can increase sales, drive traffic, or start a movement.

Our platform is the first and only patented platform that measures the likely emotional response of your audience. Built on four decades of psychological research and an expert-curated dictionary of over one million phrase relationships, EffectCheck goes beyond simple "positive" and "negative" analysis, enabling you to gauge six fundamental emotions. Whether your goal is to inspire, motivate, or in some other way impact your audience, EffectCheck can help you deliver the perfect message. Read more...


EffectCheck is a fully functional emotion-aware content editor. Our clients have access to a powerful set of features, including:

  • Measuring the emotional impact of your document.
  • Analyzing likely response for your specific audience.
  • Understanding how your words score across various emotions.
  • Finding emotional synonyms for each word.

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