New Feature: EffectCheck for Two Categories of Legal Communication

December 1, 2015 -- San Diego, CA

Effect Technologies, Inc., maker of the patented EffectCheck® software for emotional analysis of communications, has introduced another upgrade to EffectCheck. The upgrade provides subscribers with the ability to assess legal documents in the categories of legal complaints and motions for summary judgment or adjudication.

"We're pleased to be able to incorporate legal-specific categories within EffectCheck," said Dr. David Fogel, Director and Co-Founder of Effect Technologies, Inc. "We know that in the legal profession it's extremely important to choose emotionally effective words to best advocate for clients. We expect to have more legal-specific categories in EffectCheck coming soon."

EffectCheck is the only patented software that provides lexical analysis of words and phrases from a 50,000-word emotional thesaurus within an easy-to-use online editor, and provides subscribers with the opportunity to explore word substitutions, word impressions, and understand the flow of lexical emotion in their communications. For more information on subscribing to EffectCheck, email us at