Delivering the perfect message is about effective communication.

Understanding the emotions your words evoke enables you to improve your writing, captivate your audience, and increase your market share.

The EffectCheck score chart

Discover how intense of an effect your text has on your audience.

Score emotional impact across six emotions. Measure the exact per-word impact of your documents simply by hovering over a column in the chart.

The EffectCheck score chart

Tailor your impact score for specific scenarios.

Your audience will respond differently depending on the category of your text. Now you can better gauge how they will respond to your specific document.

The EffectCheck word highlighting feature

Highlight words that score along each emotion.

Each word that has an impact on your audience is highlighted. The stronger the impact, the bolder the highlighted word.

The EffectCheck emotional thesaurus

Optimize your documents using our emotional thesaurus.

Explore similar phrases that score at various emotional levels. Simply click and substitute new phrases into the document.

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