How can EffectCheck help you?

How it Works

This graph shows how each of the six fundamental emotions is displayed, and with what strength, throughout the text over time.
This is the original text now analyzed by the EffectCheck tool. When you select each of the six fundamental emotions on the bar graph, the words in the document that are associated with that emotion are displayed in color. The boldness of each word is dependent on the strength of the correlation between that particular word and the selected emotion.
This chart displays the measured emotion impact of each of the six fundamental emotions that your document is likely to evoke in your audience. When you hover over each emotion, you can view the average score per word for each emotion.
Select a highlighted word and the tool will produce a list of synonyms grouped by strength of association with the selected emotion. You can use this list of synonyms to substitute words throughout the document and shift the likely emotional response of your audience.
Use this drop-down menu to select the type of document that you want to analyze. The EffectCheck Software takes this selection into account when analyzing the text and provides you with an emotional score that reflects the type of document and audience you are working with.
Select this option to see the words associated with each emotion displayed in a word cloud formation and varying by size depending on the strength of the association between that particular word and the selected emotion.

Why it Works

EffectCheck is based on decades of psychological research that analyzes the emotional impact of words and phrases. EffectCheck has built an emotional impact dictionary that contains over one million word-phrase association. Experts in clinical psychology and artificial intelligence, Yanon Volcani, Ph.D. and David Fogel, Ph.D., have carefully curated each association to ensure EffectCheck performs with accuracy every single time.

Our Customers

“EffectCheck is exactly what marketing and communications professionals need right now.”

Steven OsinskiMarketing Professor, San Diego State University

“EffectCheck helps us ensure our message of support and opportunity is right on target.”

Jill JonesSpecial Events Manager, USO San Diego