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“EffectCheck is exactly what marketing and communications professionals need right now.”

Steven OsinskiMarketing Professor, San Diego State University

“EffectCheck helps us ensure our message of support and opportunity is right on target.”

Jill JonesSpecial Events Manager, USO San Diego

“EffectCheck is a stunningly good product. I’ve used it to help with press releases and other important documents. It helps you understand the underlying emotions that you evoke and craft your message with clarity. Every professional writer or speaker should use this program.”

Mark LarsonRadio Broadcast Professional

“EffectCheck helped me prepare my statement of candidacy for city council. It showed me where I could increase the emotional appeal of my message to voters. I highly recommend it.”

Ginger MarshallSolano Beach City Council

“The results are insightful, informative, and invaluable.”

Gene Ray, Ph.D.CEO, GMT Ventures

“As a professional writer, I know my words matter. EffectCheck helps me convey the right message.”

Monica BuonincontriWriter

“EffectCheck is a valuable tool to improve communications. It helps me consider different perspectives to write more effectively. ”

Milan RafailovichPresident/CEO, Aquagenesis International, Inventor of the RoboSnail

“I used EffectCheck to better understand how the message in my website was reaching my clients. EffectCheck illuminated several instances with the potential to increase my clients’ emotional connection to my services, and their suggestions helped me optimize what I was saying and how I was saying it.”

Doug Barsanti, MA, NSCA-CPT, CSCSStrength and Conditioning Specialist, ReInvention Fitness

“EffectCheck helps us convey our message appropriately so that it’s well received.””

Greg GorgasCo-Founder and Managing Director, Theragence

“EffectCheck helps us find the right tone. We bring business to life, and EffectCheck helps us do that.”

Nick BiliottiCreative Director, Enne Bi Communications

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