How it Works

Without EffectCheck

Simply copy and paste a piece text and run the software to see your EffectCheck score and access a variety of sentiment analysis tools. 

With EffectCheck

Analyze the text for six fundamental emotions. Click each emotion to view the words that evoke that particular emotion.

Calculate Emotional Score

Score the emotional impact of a piece of text across six fundamental emotions. Measure the exact per-word impact of your documents simply by hovering over a column in the chart.

Tailor Your Message

Your audience will respond differently depending on the category of your text. Now you can better gauge how they will respond to your specific document.

Optimize Your Impact

Explore similar phrases that score at various emotional levels. Simply click and substitute new phrases into the document to deliver the perfect message for your audience.

Identify Word Strength

Each word that has an impact on your audience is highlighted. The stronger the impact, the bolder the highlighted word.

Visualize Word Cloud

View the words that are associated with each emotion by selecting the "Word Cloud" function. The software will arrange the words in varying font sizes and locations depending on the emotional impact of each word.

Analyze Your Results

Produce a graph of a the EffectCheck score over time by selecting "30-word score over time" or "100-word score over time." These functions allow you to view a moving window for either 30 or 100 words for each of the six fundamental emotions.

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